Fireproof doors

Doors of TM DOORIS are made due to modern design and high quality of production which meets all requires according to the international ISO 9001 standard.

Production of fire wooden doors is located in the heart of Ukraine, in the city of Kyiv.

DOORIS fireproof doors have a fire resistance limit of 30 minutes and noise insulation of 38 dB.


Doors construction includes:

- Door frame from the calibrated oak girder

- Extrusion refractory chipboard (filler)

- Door 40 or 52 mm

- Frame Premium

- All-round Door seal

- Two contours of heat-expanding tape from hot smoke

- Fire-prevention accessories (hingers, lock, drop-down seal)

Additionally, it is possible to install an automatic door closer and an aluminum frame.

Options for coating fireproof doors - paint or veneer.


All products have been tested and meet the strictest fire safety regulations.

The fact of this is the technical approvals as well as the certificate of conformity.

Certificates are available on request.

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